Sunday, January 2, 2011

50 things about myself :)

salam for all the reader(s) & follower(s).

so early in the morning.
i woke up, then signed in my blogspot.
someone have tagged me with this 'title'.
which entitles '50 things about yourself'
malasnye nk pkir (walhal pasal sendirik,itu pon malas ke? :p)

alright guys.
let me proceed.
read my sentence thoroughly okeh? :p

i'm 22 years old in 2011, but if we based to my birthday, i am only 21'

i am a student in UPM serdang majoring in statistics.

i love my family very much!

most of my friends  called me amey.

i am a die-hard-fan of The Blues CHELSEA

i am a very good table tennis player :p

my hobbies are surfing the net, blogjogging, playing the games like pes and football manager (addicted

sometimes i really dislike to be force of doing something that i really dislike to do.

i am the only charming prince in my family :)

the rest of my siblings are consist of five cinderella.

i do have twitter.. follow me..let's tweet² :D

really love to eat kfc, mcD, PIZZA HUT n TREAT ME !

i am taken by nurul farhana bt mohamed <3

i really like jeans and denim..pheww~

really adore lisa surihani and adik sam bunkface.. (carik sendiri! hahah)

love koreans and japanese drama too.

i really love to wear sweater! dont know why.

i have my friends who tell me that i am a shy person..

but i do have friends who told me that i am a cool person

i really hate Manchester United..

i hate getting call while i am sleeping!..haha!

I hate it when i walk in a shop, and the salesperson follows me, its weird.

love sleep!hehe..

Somehow I feel happy when the person I like, wrote something on my wall :)

my shoes size is 7.

i love december..

my favourite fruits are durian, apple, watermelon, banana, kiwi, strawberry, and etc.

sometimes i love daydreaming  before i go to sleep :D

i love to google rather than yahoo, but i like to open yahoomail.. lol

i am a non-smoker person, but i hate to be a passive smoker.

i love to hear 6ixth sense song..awesome!

i dont have any 'anak buah' yet..wuwu!

favourite colors are blue, brown and all dark-colours.

i owned two sony ericcson handphone.

sometimes i love to being alone.

i love rabbits and cute!

i own two cute white-black cat named kiki&lala

i want to be a millionaire coz i want to help other persons.

i live in Terengganu :)

i love my name because it's unique right? :p

I Love The Sound of Rain As I'm Going To Sleep

i am very hungry while i am doing this! wuwuwu :(

romance & my girl are my 1st korean drama.

my BMI is normal :)

i am not good in drawings.

i have so many 'sweet & sour' memories during my primary school..hehe

my blog doesn't have any concept.

i had just once in my life riding the flight..huhu 

i like vocabulary rather than grammar in english..don't know why.haha

i am flexible in all music genre, except dangdut :pp

i like no twelve (12)

yeahh that's all.

aA-so exhausted :D

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lini hasnan said...

ahahah. namaku diBOLD kan.kenapakah?haha.tens!

amier azrul alias said...

nk sgt kn di tagged :p